Why take guitar lessons?

For a passionate guitar player it is always important to improve the skills. There are various ways one can uplift his performance at playing the wires of the guitar. If it was just touching the wires, anyone could have been a guitar player, but it needs a lot of skill and practice. Perfection can be attained through practice, but is required more is a good teacher and a great guitar lesson which can improve the skills of a beginner or a professional musician. Lessons are equally important for all. Taking lessons to get better at playing guitar is significant in following ways:

  1. Lessons are the foundation stone. Just like building is strong if built on strong foundations, similar is the case with music players. You don’t want to have your roofing fall off in your musical playing that is for sure. Lessons give an insight of the very basic phenomenon. Playing a guitar not just means creating perfect tunes, but it begins with proper grip, fretting and strumming. Thus, to acquaint with the basics it is essential to have proper guitar lessons.
  2. Once the basics are learnt, it becomes essential to start improving the technique. Perfection in speed, rhythm, chords and scales, enhances the overall charisma of the music player. It is through technique based lessons that he can master the skill of playing solos, intricate scales, alternate picking, finger picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs. The overall product of such trainings and lessons is a perfect musician, touching the strings of people’s hearts with the strings of his guitar.
  3. Many guitar players prefer learning on their own through trial and error, but the results are not much appreciable. Learning means criticism, and corrections by someone experienced and professionally sound. Thus the skills are greatly improved. Secondly, self-learning is a slow process. Lessons on the other hand are time framed. Everything is done according to a set curriculum and scheme of teaching, so no chances of any waste of time.
  4. An experienced guidance is worth millions. A teacher can set the example through his actions. The experience is great to witness someone playing before you. The teacher teaches through his actions and not just the words spoken, so leaves behind a longer lasting impression.
  5. Lessons take place in an environment of one to one interaction; hence it is easier to learn from the mistakes. The instructor can pin point the mistakes at the spot and rectify the immediately, thus before your error becomes your weakness it is completely removed. If your instructor is in a good facility as well then it can make practicing and learning that much better. Contact Taycon Consulting for a quote for a reserve fund study for your space!
  6. A trainer, in very few meetings starts knowing about his student. He is aware of his charm, his capacity, his attitudes and his pace of learning. Thus, he designs and sometimes alters the lessons according to the individual needs of the student.
  7. After the lessons it becomes easier to practice regularly and in a systematic way. Practice paves the way to consistency. A consistent musician is the one who endures the hectic lesson hours and then materializes the same through practice.
  8. A guitar teacher helps the beginners create the warm-up regime. Better warm up means better beginning and better beginning means that he has the guts to impress the audience sitting before him.

So, if you want to learn the guitar being a beginner or you are already a musician seeking improvements, then don’t ignore the importance of lessons.

Improving the tone of your guitar

You might be thinking that even though you perfectly tune your guitar still your guitar does not sound as good as others. Switching to different string types and using different harnessing methods may improve your guitar tone to professional level. And that note you were not able to hit on guitar hero might also be due to this reason. Hence, there are a few tips and adjustment that you might need to improve and ace a note you have been practicing for so long.

  1. An organized pedal board:

Improving pedals are a marvelous approach to built up your own tonal personality. Take a look at The Lead Guitar to see some reviews on the best guitar pedals out there. While there’s no inflexible “right” approach to mastermind your pedals, numerous recurrence moving impacts can upset the sign way, stain the tone or cause cutting when put in specific successions with different sorts of impacts.

You must know that what differences these changes might be causing and adjust accordingly. This could be beneficial in case of hitting the right notes.

Genuine detour pedals are great for balancing signal-chain commotion and can keep up the uprightness of your unique tone. In any case, they can likewise decrease treble frequencies in case you’re managing numerous impact units and the entire additional link they require. There is an on the off chance that you may have a bigger pedal board with heaps of genuine detour impacts, think about putting a cradled pedal some place in the impacts chain. It will make up for sign misfortune and enhance high recurrence reaction.

  1. Intonation of your instrument:

There are several ways by which your instrument may be out of intonation. It may be due to storage, climate change or due to daily usage. Just like the roof on your house, a guitar needs maintenance and good care to ensure it maintains. It is fundamental to know about the intonation to keep it in good shape. However, some people do not find it very comfortable to do so. A little help might be used by a professional to do it for you.

  • To start with, sound a note at the twelfth fret.
  • At that point strum the twelfth fret symphonious of the same note by gently touching the string with your hand simply over the real twelfth fret wire and sounding the note with your picking hand.

Look at the two pitches. On the off chance that the fused note is compliment than the symphonious. Move the string’s extension saddle somewhat forward (around the focal point of the guitar) until the worried and consonant pitches match. In the event that the worried note is more refined than the symphonious, move the extension saddle somewhat back (far from the focal point of the guitar) until the fussed and consonant pitches match.

  1. Adjusting the pickup height:

Pickups are a critical component of extraordinary tone. We cannot generally change their character without transforming them out totally. However, modifying their stature is an incredible approach to adjust your guitar’s yield level rapidly and effectively. All that is required is the right sort of screwdriver, a ruler and some cautious experimentation.

The above mentioned steps can be adopted to improve sound quality and changing its harness of the strings.

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Guitar effects Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and John Mayer used

Music is not just playing. Music lives in the hearts only if the musician is able to create the effects that impressed the listeners. Guitar has same attractive role to play. The notes coming out from the thin strings of the guitar have written new history of music several times. The guitar effects Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Mayor used have no match even today.


Jimi started his career in the contemporary world of music. He used the musical tools in an innovative manner. He created great music by making use of amazing guitar effects. He ruled the music world for fifty years and the way he made use of Fuzz Face, the Cry Baby, the Octavio and Univibe effects has no match in the world of music.

  • He showed full command over the FUZZ FACE EFFECT. The audience always enjoyed the way, he played with the strings by altering the volume controls and by plucking the strings at various points. He made the verses alive with the innovative use of this effect. The legendary album Are You Experienced reveals how he made a unique use of this effect. The same nostalgia was created with reference to the song, MANIC DEPRESSION.
  • CRY BABY is his another victoriously used effect. In 1967, with the release of THE BURNING OF THE MIDNIGHT LAMP, Hendrix set an example for the musicians of his times that how Cry Baby effect can make a difference. It was then; the use of wah wah became common to add jazziest expression to the hip chord. It was used boldly in “Little Miss Lover,” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming” or “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).”
  • UNIVIBE hit the music world in 1970, after the release of BAND OF GYPSY. This is considered as an ultimate statement of playing with innovation.
  • OCTAVIO was used for numerous loveliest compositions like “One Rainy Wish” from Axis. It added a dreamy passion to the music.


Eric Patrick Clapton is a renowned English rick star. He is known as the blues guitarist, vocalist and even a song writer. He is renowned for being the musician who used the electric guitars to create everlasting musical effects. He was the second among the 100 greatest guitarists of the world for all the times. Throughout his musical career he kept changing his guitars, but every time with a new one he created something new retaining the qualities and effects of his previous ones.


Born in 1977, John holds American nationality. Many people call him a born star. His passion of art and music took him to Berklee College of Music in Boston. His musical journey began with a two man band named Lo-Fi Masters, which split apart, but John kept grooming himself further. He shifted from his early career as the acoustic rock player and opted for the blues. Though he reverted to pop in 2009, but guitar always remained his passion. He took inspiration from the guitar legends and created his memorable symphonies.